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The Blood of Dracula

"The Blood of Dracula" is a 1/6th scale limited edition resin model kit, sculpted by Robert Price and Stewart Jackson. This jaw dropping kit depicts the count amid impressive gothic ruins, stepping down a set of stairs. The attention to deatails are superb, down to "D"s pinkie ring. Robert Price has done an excellant job capturing "D" s animalistic characterization of the count. Amazing detail given to the likeness and figure from fangs to the drapery of the cape. The highly detailed base sculpted by Stewart Jackson stands at a whopping 16" in height and features the gothic arched windows and two griffens. Also included are artwork which can be used for the stained glass giving the piece a truley dynamic look. The figure stands at 12 1/2" tall and comes in eight solid resin parts. The base measures 16" in height and comes in 8 solid resin parts A must have for any vampire fan.

  • Figure: 12 1/2 in height
  • Base: 16" in height
  • Parts: 16 solid resin parts
  • Figure Sculptor: Robert Price
  • Base Sculptor: Stewart Jackson
Painting and assembly required
Price : $225.00 + $20.00 S/H

Please note that all featured kits have been professionally assembled and painted.
Models kits for sale are furnished as unfinished kits, unless otherwise stated.
Assembly and painting required.


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