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The Baron of the Boardwalk

"The Baron of the Boardwalk" sculpted by the amazingly gifted hands of Chuck Needham. Chuck did an outstanding job of sculpting the character. Incredible detail given to the likeness and figure from the carnation to the wing tip shoes to the jacket billowing in the wind. The kit is 1/6th scale and comes in 19 solid resin parts. It features a dead on likeness of the infamous Atlantic City treasurer getting ready to have a relaxing smoke as his choice of beverage washes up on shore. The kit comes complete with figure and a highly detailed seashore base, two seagulls are also included to round out and accent the base. Labels for bottles will be added to the kit.

  • Figure: 11" in height
  • Base: 10" x 9"
  • Scale: 1/6th
  • Parts: 11 solid resin parts, 8 bottles parts cast in clear & brown
  • Sculptor: Chuck Needham
Painting and assembly required
Price : $175.00 + $20.00 S/H

Please note that all featured kits have been professionally assembled and painted.
Models kits for sale are furnished as unfinished kits, unless otherwise stated.
Assembly and painting required.


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