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Werewolf of London

"Werewolf of London" sculpted by the very talented and gifted hands of Brian Hamilton and my good friend "The Headless Hearseman" Fritz Frising. The London Zoo has occupied the north eastern corner of Regents Park since 1828. One of the most famous zoo's in the world. It contains over 8,000 different species making it one of the largest collection in the United Kingdom. Each month when the moon is full the zoo offers a special attraction at no extra cost. It is at this precise time that visitor's will have the fine pleasure of viewing a Lycanthorpe as seen in the pictures below. In these images we see our friendly Werewolf exiting the zoo most likely in search for a feed or the juice of a rare tibetan flower. In any event you better stay away from him, he'll rip your lungs out Jim. Brian Hamilton did an superb job sculpting the figure from the likeness to the detail of the texture of clothing to the optional cap included with the kit. Fritz Frising did an equally outstanding job sculpting the London Zoo base. Great detail given to the highly detailed base featuring wrought iron fence and clear cast lamp. The kit is 1/6th scale and comes in 13 resin parts. Build up and paint job was also done by Brian Hamilton. Painting and Assembly required.

  • Scale: 1/6th
  • Figure Sculptor: Brian Hamilton
  • Base Sculptor: Fritz Frising
  • Figure: 13" in height
  • Base: 12" x 9" x 17"
  • Parts: 11 solid resin parts, 1 hollow cast part, Lamp cast in clear
Painting and assembly required
Price : $175.00 + $20.00 S/H

Please note that all featured kits have been professionally assembled and painted.
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Assembly and painting required.


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