Resin Crypt
The Werewolf

"Two scientists come across an auto accident, and find an unconscious man in the wreck. They take him back to their lab and inject him with a serum they have been working with. Unfortunately, the serum has the effect of turning the man into a murderous werewolf".
"The Werewolf (Steven Ritch) kit sculpted by the very talanted and Gifted hands of Randy Lambert. Randy has magnificently captured "The Werewolf" in both pose and dead on likeness. The kit is 1/6th scale and comes complete as shown including snow topped terrain base.

  • Scale 1/6th
  • Sculptor: Randy Lambert
  • Figure: N/A
  • Base: N/A
  • Parts: 7 solid resin parts
Painting and assembly required
Price : $150.00 + $15.00 S/H

Please note that all featured kits have been professionally assembled and painted.
Models kits for sale are furnished as unfinished kits, unless otherwise stated.
Assembly and painting required.


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