Resin Crypt
The Raven

"The Raven" sculpted by the very talented and gifted hands of Brian Hamilton. Brian truly captured our unfortunate friend Bateman in pose and in likeness. Incredible detail given to the likeness from the wrinkles on face to drooping eye and clothing.The lab/dungeon style base and nameplate was sculpted by the very talented hands of Fritz Frising (The Headless Hearseman).

  • Figure: 11 1/2" in height
  • Base: 8: x 5" x 14"
  • Parts: 17 solid resin parts
  • Scale: 1/6th
  • Firgure Sculptor: Brian Hamilton
  • Base Sculptor: Fritz Frising
Painting and assembly required
Price : $165.00 + $20.00 S/H

Please note that all featured kits have been professionally assembled and painted.
Models kits for sale are furnished as unfinished kits, unless otherwise stated.
Assembly and painting required.


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